About The Therapy Village

The Therapy Village is a pediatric therapy center located in Cypress, TX that provides Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy for children with special needs. Founded in August 2005, The Therapy Village provides comprehensive and progressive therapy services. Our practice is family oriented, and we are committed to providing quality therapy for children within a family- centered collaborative atmosphere to enable them to reach their optimal developmental potential.

The Therapy Village is dedicated to giving our patients successful personalized care using the most progressive methods possible, walking each client and their family through the process every step of the way. Our therapists provide the highest quality of therapy by utilizing the appropriate and/or latest techniques available from research and continuing education.

Parental involvement also is a core component in all of our therapy sessions. At the Therapy Village, parents learn how to incorporate the therapeutic techniques we use during therapy and utilize them on a daily basis to encourage independence and confidence.

We seek to build a foundation of age appropriate and/or functional development in the areas of: gross motor skills, fine motor skills and speech and language skills to ensure that our clients have confidence and success with challenges they face in a variety of environments.

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